Friday, April 21, 2006

DBE in Brazil

Henri Bergius, a finish open source software developer and author of the open source Project Management app OpenPSA, has given recently a presentation introducing the DBE to the Brazilian open source community at the 7º Fórum Internacional Software Livre in Porto Alegre (Brazil). He shared his experiences as a software developer using the DBE and also the business opportunities that the DBE opens up to small software developers. Read more at:

Monday, April 17, 2006


Interesting twebsite full of references related to collaboration/cooperating and groups as "smart entities". Full of ideas, theoretical and practical, of why SMEs can/should work as groups and collaborate!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

DBE (ExE) P2P WebCam Demo

One of the earliest demonstrators on which I worked on , was to use FADA for creating and deploying a WebCamera service that linked two different legacy systems. That was almost one year ago. The image below shows how the demonstrator looked like and also one of the slides (ppt) that was used to illustrate the idea.

We have ported the WebCam demo to ExE and OpenLaszlo and you can try it live* here:

*Please bear in mind that light conditions and server availability

DBE (ExE) DateService with OpenLaszlo Interface

We have produced a short example of how to integrate a simple service (DateService) with an OpenLaszlo Interface. You can try it live here:

Also, instructions on how to test and deploying it are available here (pdf):
DBE & OpenLaszlo Example

Direct Links to Files:
Client Libraries:
Laszlo Files :
UCEDateService Eclipse Project:
Deployment Files for Servent: