Saturday, July 30, 2005

Welcome to Digital Business Ecosystem

Digital Business Ecosystem Project is one of the largest open source projects funded by European Union. The main objective is to develop an open source Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to enable Small & Medium Software Developers (SME) to offer innovative software services, developed rapidly and at low costs. The architecture will enable the search & discovery and consumption of both software and real world services.

An article at this location is interesting as it provides a view of web services using a real world services lens (

The key elements of DBE architecture are:
  • Service Factory - DBE Studio comprising of Business Modelling Language (BML) Authoring Tool and Wizard, BML Editor
  • Execution Environment - Semantic Registry and ServENT
  • Evolutionary Environment - Service Recommender and Fitness Landscape
  • Service Proxy - Technical architecture based on JINI

The pilot DBE architecture is being implemented in three regions of Europe: Aragon, Spain, Tampere, Finland and West Midlands, United Kingdom.