Monday, November 27, 2006

Just in! DBEStudio 0.3.0 Released

From the DBEStudio Announcements list:
(This release is for servENT 0.3.8)

Dear DBE Studio Users,

We are proud to announce the release of the DBE Studio, version 0.3.0, and the DBE Studio Examples, version 0.3.0. This release includes bug fixes from 0.2.2 and some new plugins, such as identity manager, security, connection manager and a UI generator. For more information please read the sections below or go to our home page.

Best regards,

The DBE Studio Team.

Download & Installation Instructions

Download and installation instructions can be found on our website (

In addition to the recommended update site install and archive install, an all-in-one installation will be available tomorrow on our Sourceforge site. This includes the DBE Studio, Eclipse, GEF, EMF, WTP and Open Laszlo. For more information please go to our download and installation guidelines on our wiki site.

Release Notes

This release now depends on the latest Servent release (0.3.8).

Changes Log

· Plugin: Connection Manager 0.3.1

o Created and integrated for all ExE communications

· Plugin: Perspectives 0.3.0

o Updated for new Servent release (0.3.8)

· Plugin: Preferences 0.3.0

o Moved connection fields to the connection manager preference page

· Plugin: Security 0.3.4

o Added and integrated new plugin

o Moved some security preferences from the identity-manager plugin over

· Plugin: Security 0.3.4

o Upgraded plugin project to Servent 0.3.8.

· Plugin: Studio Examples 0.3.0

o Upgraded plugin project to DBE Studio 0.3.0 and Servent 0.3.8 (includes SM 2.0 support).

· Plugin: BML Data Editor 0.3.0

o Updated plugin to ConnectionManager from servENT ClientHelper

o Updated file handling

· Plugin: ODM Editor 0.3.0

o The SF bug with request id 1565041 was fixed

· Plugin: Copy & Paste 0.3.0

o Plugin added and integrated

· Plugin: Identity Manager 0.3.0

o Plugin added and integrated

· Plugin: KB Toolkit 0.3.0.

o The plugin was upgraded to support the vesrions of Knowledge Base libraries.

· Plugin: Ontology Viewer 0.3.0.

o Added servent toolkit plugin to plugin dependency list, due to problem with missing log4j jar.

o Errors on the OWL structure were not shown to the users importing an OWL ontology. This was fixed.

· Plugin: SDL2Java Compiler 0.3.0

o Integrated with the connection manager plugin

· Plugin: SDL Storage 0.3.0

o Integrated with the connection manager plugin

· Plugin: SM Creator 0.3.0

    • New Service manifest editor
    • Corrects bugs:
      • Connection to KB/SR freezes workbench
      • Cannot select bml data file
      • Cannot select bmldata data file

· Plugin: Service Exporter 0.3.0

o Added restriction of adding .lzx and.html ui files only in wizard.

    • Adds SM file to generated DAR.
    • Fixed code to support updated SM model.
    • Upgraded to use the connection manager plugin for deployment tasks.
    • Fixed bug for creating deployment.xml file on unix and mac platforms.
    • Fixed bug when null pointer is thrown when SM does not exist.
    • Fixed bug when two SM files exist.

· Plugin: SSL2SDL Compiler 0.3.1

    • Add ConnectionManager
    • Correct bugs:
      • Error when select project sub folder for sdl file
      • Modify the positon of the Dbe Studio tool action in the menu

· Plugin: UI Generator 0.3.1

o Added new plugin


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