Monday, November 27, 2006

DBEPortal Service in servENT

Just checking some of the servent new features on the last release. One of the new things is the inclusion of the DBEPortal service (see above figure). The DBEPortal service is web based entry point for searching, discovering and executing services (S&D&E ) on the DBE. Besides running services, the portal can also be used for the deployment of static or dynamic webpages.

We have used previously the portal for showing different features for S&D&E. However on this release the Portal service has been integrated and now we can start exploring its features.

For example, when we install the servENT, we have the option of filling in a form to specify some basic details of the business Once the form is filled and the servENT installed (and running), it deploys a ServiceManifest (SM) which can be use for later S&D&E of the portal itself (and other portals). On the example earlier, we have added for example the keyword “screws” to our business domain. Also, we have added location (Leicestershire/Leicester, not shown).

We can then use the portal to search for itself. If we have more servENT nodes connected to our node and they run the portal, then any search will also be performed P2P on the other portals. The figure below illustrates the search of different type of business by location, restricted to the keyword “screws”. As the search is performed through out the P2P network, results are displayed according to their relevance (see above figure).

(Note: for this feature to work the port 80 on the portal machine must be free, however the Portal service can be configured to run on a different port).

note: added Portal figure


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