Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Creating a Dev Workflow Poster (Pre-alpha version!)

Not finished yet, we are working towards some sort of poster/flyer that could explain briefly how a typical DBE workflow works from a developer’s perspective, from modelling the business semantics and the service, to implementing the service and then deploying/running the service

The idea behind this simple example is to create a very simple service for search/discovery of services of restaurants that implement an interface that allows the aggregation of their daily offers with a method such as getMenuOfTheDay() for any deployed ServiceManifest (SM) that belong to “Restaurants” and implement such interface. The example is visualised on BML4Networking.pdf, slides 11/12.

The current version is just a mock-up of what it might be, representing the semantics workflow of a very simple "Restaurant" service. At this point, the naming is arbitrary but you could imagine that proper ontologies could be use representing the Tourism/Catering sector.

Steps are (missing steps in italics)

1 - Define your ontology
2 - Define your BML model that will use the ontology
2.5 - Define your service implementation at the SSL level (BML/Semantic Description)
3 - Add data to your BML model
3.5 - (Create a Service manifest that uses BML model + BML Data)
3.7 - Developing the service (java/adapters/etc)
4 - Search and Discovery of service
4.5 - Executing Service

(Some of the steps might be optional) Feedback is welcome!


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