Saturday, August 05, 2006

Calendar Demo with Semantics

Link to the Video

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The next (video) demo extends the previous SugarCRM&OpenLaszlo calendar integration and enhances it with simple semantics to create a search&discovery scenario.

During the demo, a calendar service made "searchable/findable" via the added semantics using BML and BML data.

The BML model has for example very simple attributes such as object (i.e. “Calendar”), action (i.e. “Get”) and name (i.e. my name), which uniquely identifies the service and owner of the calendar. The data associated to the model is entered on a separate editor (see video, BMLData Editor)

Once the calendar service and the semantics are deployed on the DBE, then the service can be discovered via the DBE Service Discovery Portal:

Then the different Calendar services available are ranked according to the search terms. The service integrates a Calendar service from SugarCRM, pulls the data via WebServices (WS) and refactors the data and displays it on a OpenLaszlo calendar. Potentially this scenario could be extended to integrate truly P2P calendars (currently is not!) and aggregation of different users calendars.

Link to the Video

OpenSource Tools/Services used for this demo:


At 12:37 pm, Blogger Víctor Bayón said...

This service is not truly "P2P". The search&discovery is, whereas the execution of the service simply points to a deployed UI that redirects the service to a real webpage.


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