Tuesday, December 06, 2005

DBE Studio 0.1.8 Released

DBE Studio 0.1.8 has been released.

New Plugins added:
BML Data Editor
SSL2SDL Compiler

Tool/Plugin: BML Editor
Current plugin version: 0.1.7
Description: Upgrade - Feature Request #1358857 (BML Editor - Working with files): Now, the BML Editor supports the import/export of the created models in files.

Tool/Plugin: QF-SDT
Current plugin version: 0.1.8
Description: No Comment

Tool/Plugin: Perspectives
Current plugin version: 0.1.4
Description: Re-added bml and bml-data directories. Added a 'DBE Service Publishing' perspective for SM and BML data tasks.

Tool/Plugin: SM Creator
Current plugin version: 0.1.8
Description: Minor code refactoring.

Tool/Plugin: KB Toolkit
Current plugin version: 0.1.3
Description: The plugin's API was updated with some new functions.

Tool/Plugin: Ontology Viewer
Current plugin version: 0.1.6
Description: Fixed bugs: The bug item #1369006, discovered by Leon Mak (UniS) was fixed. In particular the Ontology box (name) was made read-only.

Tool/Plugin: Service Exporter
Current plugin version: 0.1.5
Description: Implemented the generated of a deployment.xml file and the wizard extensions to populate the data.

Install/Upgrade Procedures

Update site: http://dbestudio.sourceforge.net/install
Archive Install: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=143906


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