Thursday, September 22, 2005

e-Business: The Way Forward


We have been invited (Nagaraj will be speaking) as part of the DBE project to the "e-Business:The Way Forward" conference, organised by the European Commission's Enterprise & Industry DG.

The conferece will be held the 5th and 6th Dec 2005 in Camdbridge, UK.

The full URL of the conference is:

From the website:

  • The Conference brings together policy-makers, academics and stakeholders from across the European e-business community.

  • An unrivalled opportunity to interact, discuss ideas and build relationships.

  • A varied programme addressing the critical issues in this dynamic field.

  • A choice of sessions to gain in-depth knowledge of the topics of most interest to you.

  • A chance to help establish priorities for policy actions on e-business related issues at both national and European level.

  • Keynotes by Richard Ellis, Chair, EEDA; Soumitra Dutta, Dean of Executive Education, INSEAD; David White, Director for Innovation Policy, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission.


  • taking stock of public policy initiatives promoting the take-up of e-business practices by European enterprises, particularly SMEs;

  • the status of e-business uptake by European enterprises, notably at the sectoral level;

  • recent developments in the area of e-skills;

  • progress in removing cross-border legal barriers for electronic business, including B2B markets;

  • ongoing work in the areas of standardisation and the interoperability of e-business solutions;

  • initial experiences of the "digital ecosystem" approach for activating networks of local SMEs;

  • the way forward for e-business policy development.


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